The most spectacular thing in life is to love people and all beings and strive to build the earth. When the time comes to leave our world, it will be better than it was upon arrival .

Professor Zohair Ahmed Sebai

Examining a child in a Bedouin community in Taraba, Saudi Arabia. Part of the field research for my doctorate degree in public health.

أقوم بفحص طفل في مجتمع البادية في تربة بالمملكة العربية السعودية كجزء من بحثي الميداني لرسالة الدكتوراة في الصحة العامة.

  • Participated in more than 120 scientific conferences and seminars.
  • Had many activities in public health, family medicine, health education, and primary health care.
  • Published 51 scientific papers and 31 books In Arabic and English.
  • Founded the Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine and the Health Promotion Society.
  • Chairman of the Arab Council for Family and Community Medicine for 6 years.
  • Presented a weekly television program “Medicine and Life” for 15 years.
  • Member of the Saudi Shura Council for three sessions (12 years).
  • Currently overseeing the establishment of virtual reality (VR) programs, aiming at extending knowledge and education to the Arab World.

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Life . . Learning, experience and perseverance